Sunday, October 5, 2014

So very fall...

We went kite-flying yesterday. I´ve always loved that, and felt like it was the pure embodiment of fall - fall, and ultimate freedom, though now that I´m writing this, it does feels weired to see that in a kite - that´s never free, but always captured with it´s line... 

However, I enjoy kite flying, and now my twins do, too. 
This weekend, they got infected by the joyous feeling of wind getting caught in the kite, carrying it up, and feeling the power to hold something that´s so far up in the sky. They´ve asked me to go again as soon as possible, and I´ll be happy to oblige. 

Can you see my spot in this picture? :)

I didn`t take it too often, though - my spot - I was busy running around between the kites. As I said, I love kite flying. 

More very fall things we did this week? 

Finding natural forts in the hedges along the bike trail...

 photo DSCF8542_zpsd1a393d6.jpg

...going to the farmer´s market, with it´s noises and smells and the turkish vendor that sells a whole big box of figs for 3 Euros only, and where there´s an instant companionship among the buyers - unsurprisingly, cosidered the close physical proximity of them :)

 photo DSCF8628_zps098ab618.jpg
What about picking apples?

 photo DSCF8631_zps070cb3ce.jpg
We can apply a nice check! to that, as well - our good friends invited us again this year to help them pick some from their big apple tree.

 photo DSCF8648_zps0c27c630.jpg 
This year´s harvest was a lot smaller than last years, but I´ve got my jars ready to cook some apple sauce tomorrow, and the dehydrator is running right now :)

We kickstarted the first of our Halloween preparations for this year - yay!

And my maybe favourite thing this weekend - which I liked even more than the kite flying! - was our backyard campfire. 
Tim spontaniously came up with the idea - getting some wood and making a fire - and it was so awesome!

I so enjoyed sitting around the fire, roasting bread and potatoes and eggplants, and we sat until it was pitchdark...
... and we read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in the light of Eva´s mobile phone torch app and looked into the embers and coals. Very, very sweet. 

For this pos, this song :)
a) because Joe Purdy does make some nice music, 
b) because this song was featured in an episode of "Lost" that Tim and I are currently watching and
c) because it contains a ukulele, and there is no happier instrument. 
And with this, we´re gliding into our school break for fall - see you!

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Patricia Thomas said...

Oh kids have grown so much...really nice photos..joyeuses fêtes