Sunday, September 7, 2014


...I´d like to apologize for my prolongued abscense of this blog.

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I´ve been celebrating being a housewife.

Since I quit my job, I´ve been able to pick up my sons early from school, and be home when my daughters get back. I write letters to the boys, so they get to practice their writing when they answer me, and I´ve been reading to them - a lot. I love to see how they begin to read for themselves, especially Mehmet.

I´ve been indulging in being a housewife, and in doing housewifey things with purpose and very consciously, just because I couldn´t this whole last year, and now I can, again. Finally.

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I deeply enjoy cooking beautiful meals and arranging beautiful dinners - even more than I did before I worked, because during this year, I learned how preciuos that is.

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I´m participating in a baking contest next week, just because, (and I´ll post a picture of my hopefully awesome cake...), and I bleached the laundry, something I think I´ve never done in my whole live, but it worked nicely, and while doing it, I felt a nice connection to generations of women everywhere in the world who´ve done that before me. It did show nice results.

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I even painted my kitchen. I´m pretty sure this kind of enthusiasm won´t hold forever, but right now, I feel like I´ve got wings, and I feel like I can finally do all the things I´ve wanted to do all year long, fix all the things I wanted to fix but always was to tired to.

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And we´ve been riding our bikes, of course.

I still do some volunteer work in school, but instead of spending 30+ hours for very little money there, I come for 2-4 hours a week, and I only come when it makes me happy, and play a few songs on my guitar, help some kids who really need it, and then I hapily go. I also volunteer in Eva and Ronja´s schoolcafeteria:
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That´s so cool! I love working there, one morning ´o week, because I like the rush when all the kids come during break time, and the feeling of actually working with my hands, preparing hundreds of sandwiches and salads and being fast. Once a week, I love doing that. The girls I work with are awesome, and my daughters enjoy having me there and are not one bit embarresed, but love seeing me there. Oh, and I´m proud of my blue apron :)

And I´m catching up on my social contacts. That as well. And I´m watching intellectual debates about the death penalty and refugees and religion on youtube, because while I worked, I felt like my brain was drying out with boredom of the ever-same repetetive tasks, and now I need to catch up a little.

I´ve also been sewing quite a lot, and I worked on several cool projects, which I´ll show you over the course of the next week - promise with pinky-swear.

But for now, I´m leaving you with an appropriate song:

Back to the roots :)

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