Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dehydrating food.

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I´ve been pondering about this ever since I began my juice/jam experiments. You can dehydrate fruits by putting them into the oven, at low temperature, and I did try that. The downsides are a) you need to turn the food over, so it dries from both sides evenly, and I never liked having my oven running for several hours - what a waste of energy.

If you live in a nice and warm and sunny area, you can apparently dehydrate food in your car. I´ve read several instructions on that. Only, neither do we have much sun, nor a car, and somehow, I feel strange putting trays with apples and bananas into a rental car. We might transport our chicken coop in it, but using it as a dehydrateer would be a bit over the top, wouldn´t it?

So I found this nice dehydrater in a Croatian supermarket, for a fracture of the price you´d pay in Germany, and happily took it home.

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It consists of several plastic trays which you load with fruit...

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...and then you plug the baby in and see what happens.

The results: 
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The strawberries are nice and crisp, and they taste like they would be awesome in a muesli - if they´d last that long. 

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My favourites were the figs, because they are crispy and remind me of croatia :)

And the bananas are sweet and delicious, a lot sweeter than fresh ones, and I love them!

As for the energy loss - I can´t really tell, but at least you can dry a far larger amount on much less space with this baby, and that must count for something. 


The first time I heard Taylors new single, I wasn´t too enthusiastic.  Then I found myself humming it, against my will, and Eva loves her Talor, anyway. And then this cute Tyler Ward cover popped up on my youtube feed last week, and I was pretty much sold :)

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