Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Running and the Singing.

My picture of the day:
 photo DSCF7591_zps0ecb2ad7.jpg
The arena where Mehmet sang today.

Mehmet is a happy member of our school choir - I always wished for my girls to join the choir, but somehow, they never liked it much.

But Mehmet does. He´s been a choir boy since last September, and he´s loving it.
And well, today was the big day: Our school took part in a gigantic project - singing in an arena, 5000 kids from various schools participating, and Mehmet was one of them.
We got to see him as a tiny dot, not even being sure which dot was him exactly, and got him home tired and very, very proud and overwhelmed by this mass event. Really cool :)

As to the running...
 photo DSCF7585_zps267e4b4f.jpg
It also happened to be the day of the (half)-marathon today.
Tim ran all the way, Mehmet and Miro both ran the kiddy-trail, goofing around with their friends, and Eva, Ronja and me enjoyed a delicious breakfast in a café while waiting to cheer for our men. In the sunshine.

Miro was very, very eager to get the trophy. He talked about how he would drink from it, and whether the metal would be precious, and how he would show it to his children.
He didn´t get it, though - he came through being 20th. His brother slighly faster, 15th. And the beautiful thing is, Miro didn´t seem to mind at all. He only was annoyed by not being able to play with Mehmet for the 30 minutes his brother had his last choir preparations. He missed him.
 photo DSCF7594_zps34537d5c.jpg
I think I´ve got really, really awesome sons.And then they went to play until the sun set. It must be really awesome to have a twin.

Music for today:

This wasn´t Mehmet´s show, but it´s the same project, only in a different town. Just so you get an impression, if you want to :)

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