Friday, May 2, 2014

My Polaroid

I realized I didn´t show you my new and  shiny Polaroid camera I got myself for easter:
 photo DSCF7134_zpsd2bf7618.jpg
I used to have one when I was 18. I lived in my own one room flat back then, and I had a blow-up sofa in aqua-blue, and I convinced all the people who came to visit me to sit on that sofa, so I could take a Polaroid picture of them and hang it on the wall behind them. Since that was in the ´90´s, there wasn´t any digital photography yet (at least not for me), and instantly having a picture was really awesome. Also, I´ve always loved the raw charme of the colors in Polaroid pictures.

However, there came a day when I was lying in bed, nursing a child, I can´t remember which, and Tims was on his way to towns, so I asked him if he could maybe get a new film for my camera? Sure thing, he replied, he only wanted to take my camera with him to get the right size.

He returned without a film - and without a camera. The sneaky guy at the photo store had told him that nobody uses these anymore, you can´t get any films, and he´d be so kind to "recycle" my camera. And because recycling is a magic word to my Tim, he. left. my. camera. in. that. store.

Ha. And now I got myself a new one. Slightly smaller, but still. I took pictures of the kids in school with it, and whoa, you should have seen their faces. The digital age still hasn´t changed the magic factor of a picture developing right in front of your eyes, and all the kids believe I´m a sorcerer now. Pretty cool :)

 photo DSCF7133_zpse9444576.jpg

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