Sunday, February 9, 2014

Using old Jeans

 photo Ribbetcollagejeans_zps5f862773.jpg

Denim is such a rich, heavy fabric. I never like throwing away old Jeans, thinking of all the possibilities they might offer, (and, usually, they also have a sentimental value) so, for the last year or so, I´ve kept a box with old pants next to my bedside table, pondering about what to do with them. I mean, I wear my Jeans until they´re really, really broken.
And then, last weekend, we finally got to work on them.

 photo DSCF6634_zps75294459.jpg
It´s important to spread wide. I mean, you need to see what you´ve got. You need to... ahem... give room to your creativity, right? Use the whole kitchen:
 photo DSCF6639_zps8046da92.jpg
We tried around a bit, by cutting out pockets, and decorating them with varios ribbons:
 photo DSCF6637_zps2e9f4e0c.jpg
A good thing is, you allready have many sturdy, good seams you don´t need to break.
You only need to get the sewing machine out for the extra seams you want to add.
 photo DSCF6635_zps3e73840c.jpg
We also tried painting with acrylic paint on it, mostly to engage the boys, but also because I had nice new acrylic paint in metallic colors. The twins used thick layers, and after they dried, they really have an interesting texture:
 photo DSCF6643_zps9fcdc190.jpg
Finally, Eva made a small pencil case, with bells:
 photo DSCF6648_zps3f55df13.jpg

And Ronnie made a purse, well, not a really sturdy one, but we can still work on that:
 photo DSCF6649_zps718661b4.jpg

And I decided on making sot of a toolbag to wear in school, a small bag to carry all my accesoires, like scissors, pencils, papertowels, band-aids, my keys and my super cool name-tag:
 photo DSCF6646_zpsc825f27a.jpg
So, we finally got to sew something again, and something usuable - I´ve actually been wearing that bag around my hip all week long, and the kids liked it.

Other than that, I´ve been busy translating various appartement and area discriptions for a travel website - a job I find very pleaseant, since reading/translating the texts feels like being there again - I translate texts about Amsterdam and Barcelona, and the boss is friendly and the payment is nice.

Also, we´ve had two sick kids this week, which is annoying, but well, we´ve been healthy for so long that I guess it´s just fair, and I´m thinking about how to install tiles in my kitchen myself (should be do-able, right?) and planning Mehmet and Miro´s detective birthday party. Man there´s so much to do.

Since I´ve started working in school, we haven´t had any Couchsurfers. Also, I´ve maybe read about 10 books, which is almost nothing, and I feel like I really have to stretch to keep a social life. Earning money is surely nice, and I love my school, but maybe not that much - I´m considering going down to 10 hours a week after this year - or maybe quitting at all, if I feel like I can. To spend my time playing with my kids, writing and reading, meeting people, taking care of our bees and chicken and going to concerts. Because there is only one life :)
And now I´m going, preparing my schoolday tomorrow, because yes, there´s only one life, and I´m gonna use it well.

Leaving you with some gorgeous life music:

I like her name - it´s being prononced like my daughter´s name. I´ve first heard her play with her band Crooked Still, and she´s really, really good. I´m sorry I missed this concert, which was practically in front of my door last week - and I blame my job for that ;)

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