Monday, February 3, 2014


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...yarnbombing the garden teepee, or, showing you the pictures of that yarnbombin event, while saluting you, late at night, while the kids are asleep and the translation work is done and the pizza-boxes are still on the kitchen table, but at least the dishwasher´s running, and upstairs, there´re two sweet boys in my bed while my husband is out, working, and the day for school tomorrow is nicely prepared - or so I hope, and there´s some nice music playing, and life is sweet.

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This was one of the first musicians I found I liked after my long period of only listening to talk radio, breastfeeding babies and saving the world - very suitable :)))
I would much rather have liked to post THIS SONG, feels like I have waited an eternity for this, and, believe it or not, it´s not available in Germany. Streaming it on youtube doesn´t work, and I´ve tried for a long time finding it through any other source. If you live abroad, please tell me if you like it - and ´ll patiently wait for it to be fully released, or if not, somehow ripped :/

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