Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hey, ho, we come:

Today, we harvested our friends´ apple tree:

We climbed, and used those awesome applepluckers, and we plucked from the ground to make fresh juice from.

We also picked plums, in heaps, and I´ve got 5 bottles of nice and warm plum syrup on my kitchen counter right now.

Alltogether, we harvested 150 kilogramm.
Yep, that´s right. More than the combined weight of Eva, Ronja and me in apples. Quite impressive, even though the share is being devided among three families.

We rode there by bike, and we got cold hands and cold noses, wet feet while playing in the river and wet hands because the cows licked them. And later, we gathered together and ate waffles and pie and warmed our fingers ´round our teacups.

Yep, it´s fall. One week of school to go, then it´s fall break - two weeks, of which I have to work during one, but still.

Have some fantastic, high quality music:

And watch the video. Their Magritte references are cute. And the scenery pretty much looks like where we´ve spent this day.

I have so many posts written in my head, and though I am, slowly, adjusting to life as a working mom of four, I still find it hard keeping up with all the things I want to do. So, if you´re a friend, and I don´t call you back, or don´t mail, please - bear with me.

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