Wednesday, May 15, 2013

We are the Partyshakers!

Okay, first off - I´m really sorry for referring to that super silly song and putting it into your head. If you´re singing it now for the rest of the day, despite yourselves, that was completely unintended :)

However, I found it quite fitting to go along with this post, which is a) about shaking and b) about the party we had last Saturday.

The shaking part:

We finally made slushies!

That´s one of those pinterest projects I guess most of you have allready seen, and I´ve always wanted to try it. Yesterday, we did.

Basically, you make little cool packs, by putting salt water (quite a saturaded solution) into tiny freezer bags. Leave them in the freezer overnight, so they become nicely hard.

Then, put your tiny cool pack in another plastic bag - be careful the bag with the salt-water solution doesn´t open - add the juice/water/sirup whatever liquid you desire, and SHAKE!

If you run around shaking for a while, your juice will freeze to the consitency of slush ice, which is, literally, pretty cool.
Ronja took far too much juice for her little cool pack, so it didn´t work out for her, but Miro achieved quite a nice result, which he photograped himself:

And it is definetely fascinating to witness liquid transform into solid within minutes. 
I wish I had seen this project before last Saturday, I so would have included it into our kid´s party! But I have two more parties to go this summer, so I´m sure I´ll find a possibility to try this in a group. 

So  - officially my sons have been six years old since January. Only, we were hoping to have a nice summer party, since it´s a lot easier to occupy 12 wild 5-6 yearolds out in the sun than it is in January, inside. 
So we planned their birthday party for May... not expecting May to be almost as cold and dark as January. 

However, we had the party. And I wasn´t really in the mood. I did prepare a nice buffet, 
and I did prepare some games - I had a little pool, and waterguns for everyone - but when it started pouring Saturday afternoon, I felt cheated. 

...there is Tim, who came up with the cutest adventure path, leading over terrible bridges...

...and into the forest, where dangerous snakes live (there are no snakes in our forests, but we had antidote - lemon juice - and the kids got really excited!), and I have my Eva, who pretended to be the monster in the forest who needs some leaves for her tea, and my Ronja, who pretended to be the little monster who needed the kids to buid her a new home.

And eventually, even the sun came up, and the party ended exactly as I had planned - with all the kids soggy wet jumping around in our garden, getting buckets and ewers out, and I gave out tons of old shirts and skirts and shorts from my girls, and later, all the moms sat in our garden, chatting away in italian and arabic and greek, and it was, actually, just pretty. 

So that was that. 

And here´s some music:

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