Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The very dangerous project nobody wanted us to do...

...but we did it anyway :)

If you´re from the States, and a little bit into craft blogs, then this is probably nothing new to you - I guess you´ve heard about etching cream a dozen times.

If you´re from Europe (I don´t know about the other parts of the world), then this might strike you as super weird - taking dangerous chemicals to etch glass.

The thing is, my friend and I, we like craft blogs, and we like experimenting, plus, she has a sillhoutte-cutter she wants to put to use.
I hve allready tried to engrave glass, which is incredibly hard, at least when you want to achieve results other than childrens drawings. When we read about etching cream, we knew we wanted to work with it.

All our other friends, however, are chemists. Okay, not all, but since we live in the town where aspirin comes from, I could name at least 10 people without blinking who work somewhere in the chemistry field. And when they heard of our plans, we got some severe reactions.
Apparently, etching cream contains hydroflourid acid, and as soon as we announced our plans, we began to get phonecalls about all the very serious consequences this could have, from etching down to our bones without even feeling it, to, yes, even death. If you put your hand into the container of cream and leave it there for 20 minutes, it could mean your end!

Which only tickled our rebellious side. No risk, no fun, one could say. FInally a craft project that involves a little adventure!
Send the kids out into the garden, roughly push dinner aside and get started. I´m not sure we even wore gloves - at least I didn´t.
And, please note, I did not tag this as an official tutorial :) If you were ever to repeat this, I´m sure you´d take all the reasonable precautions.

However,here are our results:

...a Taylor Swift drinking glass for Eva, one with an owl for Ronnie...

...Yoda and Darth-I-am-your-father-Vader for Miro and Mehmet...

...and the angelic power rune and a bike for me and Tim. I like the Swiftie-glass best, I must admit.

All done in an afternoon.

The really hard thing (despite calming our friends) about this project was to get the stencils - it took me and my friend around three hours of relativly concentrated work in front of the computer (hardly any chatting!), during which I searched images we could use, while she prepared them for her silhoutte.
Typing "silhoutte" into google is a good start, but you´ll also have to take care that your lines don´t get too thin or intricate, and that the design still works on a small surface like the one on a drinking glass. 
Next time we´ll do this, we´d apply the etching cream a little thicker - as you can see, there are parts where the glass isn´t thoroughly etched, but for a first go, we were fully satisfied, and I´m really thankfull my friend let me play along on this project, especially since time was precious.
Even more than the finished result, I loved the process of working together. And the fries.

Music for the day:

I listened to a lot of songs this week, and I had an especially depressing one on repeat all the time. However, I then found this gem of accapella art, including Tyler Ward (whose groupie I am, anyway), and it completely lifted my mood. I didn´t even like the original, but this cover makes me smile from ear to ear - and my counter says this is now the 37th time I´m listening to it - today.
So I´m now dancing away to bake some blueberry cake :)

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creatrishblog said...

I was very intrigued with your title. Ant It was soooooo dangerous. But the result is great. hummm blueberry cake and a really good song awesome.