Monday, April 22, 2013

Green and Grey

It´s finally spring over here, or, at least, at some days it looks like spring.

We´ve been using the slightly warmer temperatures outside to - guess what? - ride our bikes again. So, each of the last three weekends, we rode between 30 and 40 kilometres, on various routes in the area where we live. (Psst... my goal is to get the kids ready for a vacation solely by bike... but don´t tell them ;)

We rode along the Rhine and found interesting bridges,

we took a little ferry, just for fun,

we revisited our swing in the forest and showed it to our newest temporal family member,

we got lost around farmers fields and saw deer from really close, we bought cheese and found fleamarkets and playgrounds galore.

And it´s been so good, to be finally out in fresh air again.
I´ve missed this.

Speaking of temporal family members - meet Janne:

She´s been living with us for a month now, because she´s waiting for her bus to be ready to drive again. She´s studying medicine in Cologne, and she´s a beautiful addition to our family - she´s extremely polite and helpful, sweet to the kids, can juggle and ride the unicycle and sew, and when she learns her latin vocabs, that´s so contagious that even Eva gets out her French book.

And she´s as bad as starting a fire as the rest of us:
But somehow, we still managed to get dinner ready ;)

I´ll be back some time around this week - I´ve got at least one craft tutorial in the making.

Until then, I´m wishing you fun in the sun and a gorgeous spring, and I´m parting with Music (with a capital "M"):

I discovered Brad Mehldau recently, and his music fascinates me. Just like Chris Thile, he opens a world of melodies and harmonies to me that I, who am, generally, pretty simple when it comes to music, can hardly grasp. But I feel, that the longer I try to wrap my mind around his brilliance, I stir away from my usual playing in, well, 4-6 chord, but broaden my spectrum of improvisation, and that´s really, really cool.

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