Thursday, September 13, 2012

Okay, okay...

I know if I don´t blog now - right now - it will take another while until I blog again.
 That´s because I´ve only just finished volume IV of the Games of Thrones series, and book five hasn´t arrived yet - I ordered it, but it´s only about to come tomorrow morning, and I´m jumpy and excited and bookdrunk.
So this is just a post to let you know I´m still alive, and to prove that I´ve indeed been busy those last days - and not only reading.
Of course we´ve been out in the woods, cycling, and finding super cool twig frames in the trees, ready made for posing.
We´ve had some last really hot, summery days, and I enjoyed spending them with my new-found soul-sister - a Belgian woman from Mongolia, who pretty much has the same background history as I have, the same attitude towards most things, and not only the same favourite books, but even the same favourite chapters.
It was really a pleasure talking to her until almost 3 in the morning, and at some point, we decided we didn´t need talking, we could just sit there, staring at each other, because we´d finish each other´s sentences anyway.
Of course, I met her via Couchsurfing.
So, that was the ice-cream weather, that lasted until two days ago.

The ice-cream weather is now over, it´s pouring buckets and it´s pretty cold, too, and we love to cuddle up and drink hot chocolate with milk foam, from the new milk-foam machine I found on discount.

School started again, too. Well, in fact, it started several weeks ago, but since I´m a substitute teacher for the first graders, I get to start a little later - after the new students got accustomed to their actual teacher.
But now we started, in full swing, and I´m spending each morning in class, helping to solve math problems, hold a pencil of cuddle little boys who banged their heads.

Also, I´ve moved a whole library.
Well, together with some friends, but still. Our students library finally got new, huge, proper and freshly renovated rooms, and I´m so happy with them!
 I could dance around my newly sorted bookshelves all day long!

My best friend owns a brand new shillouette, and she seemed more than happy to put it to use, to make me labels.
It´s so pretty I want to clap my hands and dance around, but - wait! I´m actually doing that :)
Also, our local bookstore lady gave me free posters to put up, and I had all these pretty ladies to help me do the rearranging of the shelves:

And I´ve read. Aloud, to kids, that is, and twice Not in this library - though, sure, in this one, too - but in our two local libraries. And I made dress cookies... pass amongst my audience, who is between 3 and 7 years old and loves cookies.
So yeah, football has started again, and doing homework,
and going to bed early, and raising even earlier in the morning, and there´s always so much to do, and there always seem to be children in our house - I´ve started teaching English to two of my friends´ kids, and there are always friends of my kids,
or kids of my friends
coming over.
In fact, tomorrow, Eva´s long penfriend from the Netherland comes over for her first visit - with her Couchsurfing family, of course.
So I know the house will be crowded again, and I won´t have time to blog anyway.
I´ll close this with my song for the day:

Apparently everybody knows this somg allready, since it´s come out in the magic year of 2009 - but I´d never heard it, until this week, half asleep, on the radio, and I adored it. It paints such nice pictures!

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Creatrish said...

Lots done and to be done!Your cookies are so cute. So pleased for your new library, I hope that you have plenty french books in there :-)! Have a great time with your knew guest! Didnt that song as well but liking it! xxxxx