Thursday, August 2, 2012


We´re back.
From England, that is, and we jumped right into the pool.
And this is a really short post, because it´s late, and the days have been busy - we sort of brought England with us, having now a Couchsurfing family from England staying with us - Rachel, and her four children - all twins, aged 12 and 9. For my kids, it´s been heaven - for me, as well.
 I love having our table so full we hardly fit around, I love listening to my children becoming almost fluent in English, I love watching them all play together and form groups and exchange little notes, and I love to hang around with their awesome mum who is so much like me it´s almost scary.
So, those past days, we´ve been out a lot, swimming and riding our bikes and splashing our feet in the river and playing in the garden, and I haven´t had a minute to sit and moan why I´m not in England anymore, and why my holiday´s over - because it isn´t.

And since I love Couchsurfing so much, I just accepted a Swedish jazzband to stay with us next week :)

I reckon I missed out on my music-of-the-day videos, though, so today...´ll get to listen to the brand new, very scottish Biffy Clyro single. Which is so awesome that it even sports bagpipes in the end.
And with this, I´m going to bed :)

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Creatrish said...

"Toutes les bonnes choses ont une fin c'est pourquoi nous sommes si heureux de les redécouvrir". U still have a foot in UK with your new guests. I know what you mean with children speaken another language cos each time my little girls come to me and realized that they understand a new english word,I love it and it make me very proud! I won't go back in UK before Xmas so your trip make me happy and less impatient to go back! xxxxx