Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mexican Treats.

One really cool thing about my husband´s job is that he gets to meet all sorts of people from all sorts of countries. Doctors from Korea, programmers from France, lawyers from Poland, it´s like Couchsurfing, only that he get´s paid for it. Okay, he has to do some work too, but stil. They tell him stuff, and he has to make a math formula out of it. Not that I´d ever really understand how that works, but magically, I still benefit from it. 
So he just had a group over from Mexico, and before they went home, they emptied their pockets and left him some sweets.

Oh, I had a hard time today keeping them from my kids until after dinner. I got our globe out, showed them where Mexico is, that they speak Spanish over there, and why, and we did some googling to get an impression what it looks like.
Then I made Chilli...
...though Eva said that she´s sure that´s just a stereotype like all germans eating Sauerkraut - it still tastes a lot better than Sauerkraut. The lettuce is, by the way, homegrown, freshly picked and washed by the rain. :)

And we had virgin Mojitos to go with it:
Made from Bitter Lemon, fresh lime juice, brown sugar and ice, and quite nice.

And then we devoured the Mexican sweets - I even used a knife to cut the tiniest sweets into 6 equal parts. Some, like the Obleas, were very soft and European, others surprised us with a mixture of sweet and salty, and the stuff in the yellow bag was so hot my kids all ran into the bathroom for water.

So, this was our Mexican night!

Apart from that, we´ve been packing backpacks all week long - my kids, all four of them, are going to spend four nights on a scouts camp. For Eva and Ronja, it´s about the 10th time they are going, but the twins are novices,  and they are so excited they´ve been talking about nothing else... okay, except for the big birthday party of their greek friend they attended yesterday. That was awesome, too.

And what are we going to do with our free time?
We...take our bikes on the road, ride all day, sleep in a tent, and repeat, and noone can stop us :)

But before I can do that, I still need to do two reading sessions in two libraries, one morning in school, one time coaching my library kids, and, um, maybe prepare all that stuff. But other than that, I´m almost in the saddle :)


Okay, this video is not so much about the music. The song is fun, allright, it has a nice rhythm to swing my hips to while cleaning and to sing while cycling. But I admit I love to watch this for the total eye-candy factor this far-too-young hottie brings. I enjoyed smiling over Tanner Patrick videos during all my breaks this week!

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