Friday, May 25, 2012

Homemade sandals.

The other night, Tim saw a light down in Ronja´s room. It was way past ten, on a school night, and to our surprise, she wasn´t even reading - that´s what she usually does when she should be asleep.
No, she had found this rope in the garage, and was crocheting shoes.
You can´t be angry with a kid that´s crocheting shoes, right? 
She was so very excited about them, and so proud...

...we let her wear them in school today.
Yes, right now, Ronja is in school with theses shoes:
It´s a good thing it´s a happy school that appreciates creativity and open-mindedness. And it´s a good thing I know most of her teachers personally.

So -I´m off baking a birthday cake for my friend´s daughter, making lunchpackages for my four little scouts and preparing my library group.

Today´s music is Carol Emerald, so get your feet tapping :) I think she should be as big as Adele, because she´s as good. I could have seen her live, she played on PinkPop 2010, but when I went there, I couldn´t leave my place in the first row in front of the alternative stage - I spent there around 8 hours in order to see John Mayer. So, no Carol Emerald for me :)

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