Monday, January 2, 2012


First of all: A happy NewYear to all of you!
 Did you celebrate? Did you have fireworks, and fountains and sparklers, and did you embrace the people you love, and total strangers? Well, we did :)
We had an awesome night at friends, who are pros at throwing parties in their tiny house, and I loved every minute of it. Of course I was unable to take acceptable pictures, because I was busy hugging everybody, keeping Mehmet from throwing a fit and having my friends´ sweet daughter sitting on my hip, but hey, who needs pictures? (Okay, for my blog, I could actually use some good ones now...)
Here´s a good picture:
Well, sort of. I don´t even know who took this. Wasn´t me. I like it :) We had couchsurfers over, quite spontaniously, a sweet family of two very young moms, their little daughter and their dog. And my sons had a friend over. And my daughters had a friend over. Well, we had quite a full, busy house, with lots of crossover cooking (our guests were vegan - and that was my first in a lifetime encounter with vegan cuisine...), and singing to the guitar and sewing impro-babypants and making microwave cupcakes and, well, taking care of all the kids and the dog and our cat.
Though, this looks very calm, when I look at it... It felt quite alive. and that´s my excuse for not posting my songs and moments of last year.
So here are, in a quick summary, and without any long consideration and in no particular order- my top hits of 2011:
-Dangling my feet in the Seine with Eva and Ronja.
-Listening to Mehmet and Miro read their first words. 
-Eating kosher stew in Masha´s kitchen in Moscow, and finding that little house of the fairytale painter.
-Watching Eva find new friends and a whole new, happy spirit on her new school. 
-Growing sweet peas in our garden.
- Watching my best friend´s daughter ride a bike, one week after she really, really scared us.
-Finding out about Couchsurfing and falling in love with all those fascinating people that entered our lives through it
Going on a protest march against nuclear energy with Ronja, watching her become really eager and interested, and witnessing the banishing of nuclear energy for my country with her afterwards, like a direct result of us marching.  
-Finishing that depressing second book of mine and beginning the third right away.
- Cheering on that Taylor Swift concert together with Eva. 
-Cycling, cycling, cycling. And through it, discovering the beauty of the place we live in, and the theoretical option to reach further horizons.
-Talking to a 50 year old british man on a plane about the Mongolian ralley, and making mental plans.
-Riding down the escalator stairs in a bookstore in Cologne. Definetely belongs here, too.
-Eating grilled bananas and avocado and white bread, cuddled up with all my family, in a small tent in DenHaag, while reading russian fairytales and listening to the rain drumming on the tent, freezing.
-Witnessing that the kids in my class actually learn someting. Something I taught them.
-Putting my feet in the sea.
-Putting my feet in every river.
-Finding the music of Ed Sheeran, The Script, The Weepies, The Wailing Jennys and Christina Perri, who, among others, were new artists I´m really happy to have found in 2011
-Watching  this video, which is one of the most beautiful, artistic animations I´ve ever seen. I honestly believe I must have watched it around thousand times by now.

So... closing my eyes... have I got everything? Nothing forgotten? Did I manage to jot down all the sparkling wonders of 2011? I´m sure I must have missed something.
So, instead of formulating resolutions, let me just finish this post with two songs, instead of one, to sum up what I wish for you, and for me, and for everybody else:

and this:


Penelope said...

Wow! What a great list! I live in Texas and live so far away from neat places! But I love all the little details of your life that bring joy! Happy New Year!

Pressed Petals said...

what a great way to start the new year. how did you like the vegan food?