Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas aftermath.

I´m sitting outside on the porch, it´s pretty dark, but warm, though wet. I can hear the rain tinkling from the drain, and when I finished my cigarette, I think I´ll go back inside.
Tim´s quoting from the Frank Zappa biography he´s reading, and that´s kid of funny. The girls are supposed to set the dinner table, but I think they are finished, because I can hear them making up trivia questions for a game they are inventing. I can also hear the twins upstairs in the tub, playing loud and cheefully with their new toys. All the presents have been unwrapped, and I think I managed to put all the wrapping paper away, though I guess you could still find some scraps under the sofa. So, our Christmas was quite fine.
We had Tim´s parents over, and I set a Martha-Stewart-like table,
(picture taken by Ronnie)
and we ate so much I feel like I could sluggishly lie on the sofa with a nice book for the rest of the year, if it wasn´t for the unicycles we gave our girls, so they are dragging us outside all the time now, to practice. Riding a unicycle is an art, believe me.
We played a lot of piano, and read nice stories, and went to Legoland, and I got the world´s best Christmas present from Tim - a ticket to a writer´s workshop in march, with one of my new favourite authors. I´ll get the possibility to ask an actual author all my questions, and I´m making mental notes all the time about what to ask him first. 
I gave Tim a Devil´s stick, and when he´s not reading Frank Zappa´s biography, he´s practising his jonglage performance. So, basically, I´m living in a house with flying sticks and dashing unicycles. Christmas rocks. 
Musically, I´m enjoying a song by Nickel Creek I actually just found today: 
Oh, how I love to be serenaded by Chris Thile´s mandolin! :)

I think I´ll be back tomorrow. I thought about jotting down my personal charts - my favourite books of the year, my favourite songs, and my favourite moments. Just to keep them.

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Creatrish said...

Sound like a great day! Joyeux noel à toute ta famille!