Monday, September 12, 2011


is now officially... fifth grade, at a new schoool.
She´s a big girl now, and she looks like it, as well.
She´s been excited for months now, but in the night before her first day, she woke up at three and couldn´t get to sleep until seven. She is very, very ambitious, and still in the phase where she´s begging her teachers to give her more homework, and where she´s overly anxious about doing everything correct, having all her things neat and tidy... well, maybe that isn´t just a phase. Eva has always been like that.
Fortunately, she´s not the only one in her new school who seems to work that way. She is in a german/french bilingual class, and of course they´ll continue teaching them English, too, so it´s a class with many little girls who all love to read and to talk and are quick and clever with words. She allready applied for choir and theatre and orchestra.
It is, I hope, the exact place my Eva can be happy at. I am utterly thankful she allready seems to have found a group of four other girls in her class she likes hanging out with, and as long as she feels happy, I don´t care so much if she ever learns french.
Well, maybe I was just as excited as she was this week. I might as well admit it. And I am something else:
I am so completely, totally over the top proud it´s reallly pathetic. But to see this young lady growing and chosing her own school and following the path she found all by herself makes me wish I was allowed to think of her as the biggest accomplishment I ever made in my whole life.

So, bring on the sweets!

Music for today:

I love Gavin Mikhail, plus I love Coldplay, plus I love this song especially. And in this song, I think his piano playing is mindblowing and outstanding, and very uplifting.I love how he always shouts his songs with this almost-over-the-top-passion. And I´d really love to seem him live in concert one day. 

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Creatrish said...

Elle est tres jolie ta "grande" Eva! et je comprends pourquoi tu es si fière d'elle! If a one day she'd liked to come to France to pratice she is welcomed! (except I don't speak german at all)!