Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dutch inspiration

So we came back from the Netherlands last week, and I brought some ideas home with me. Pinterest in my mind. 
I loved this little Ape. In it´s bright multicolored mosaic look, it reminded me of the Pakistani Truck Art I found over at Khadija. Only, this is obviously not painted, but completely made from colored shells:
I loved this! I loved the whole beach bar, with it´s bright chairs and tables, contrasting with the sun-and salt bleached surrounding...
I also loved the school bus, tucked in the dunes, also used as a bar...
That day, I almost felt as if we´d be on a trip to the Caribics :)

The other day, in Amsterdam, I found this stunning bench:
I´m not sure if I´d want him to be in my house all day long, because this character is so strong he might really disturb me, but I love the idea. So I think I´d rather settle for this garden bench I saw in Den Haag:
Nice, weathered wood!
Den Haag was full of beauty.
You´d think this was in a church, right? But it was in a shopping center, and it looked a lot more beautiful in real life. And the shadows it throws on the ground on a sunny day are breathtaking! I´m thinking about a design to paint our chairs with, and this mosaic style, again, really strikes me as a great option! I´m just not sure if I´m able to work neat enough to pull it off!
But this, I can do!
It´s strips of magazines and newspapers, folded and rolled up, formed to bowls or coasters, and dipped in glue. Ronja and I found it in a fun store in Amsterdam.

We also found a most beautiful soap store there, where the clerk bathed and pampered our hands, and I almost felt guilty for not buying anything - but when he told me his body scrub consisted solely of seasalt, almond and soja oil, and a little natural flavour and food coloring, I knew what our next projct is gonna be!
Unfortunately I didn´t take a picture, but my hands where busy :)

Anyone else loving pallet crafts at the moment?
When we passed this truck on our way home, I immediately had to think about all the stunning pallet sofas, beds, planters, shoeracks and whatever you can make from these. We still have one in our garage :)
And I loved reading this  on the beach. Well, I can´t actually read it. But it so made me smile!
Song for the day:

I think I´m having a serious Amy Kuney addiction at the moment. I´ve known her for quite a while now, but I still find many songs whose beauty I hadn´t realized before. I really don´t know why I used to skip this.

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Creatrish said...

That truck is amazing never see anything like it before! the mosaic is a beauty! Your pallet truck photo made me smile!