Saturday, June 18, 2011


First of all, before I say anything else, I´d like to welcome those hoards of Turkish visitors that came to my blog today - you were quite a surprise!
Apparently, there is a Turkish craft site, called, and they were so very kind to feature my project wallet. I feel very honored, as I´ve always had a soft spot for your country - I visited it several times, and the people I met were warm and friendly, and Istanbul was incredible, one of the most mindblowing cities I´ve ever seen.  So, well, my son is called Mehmet. And, coincidentally, I even made some Baklava today:
And it´s delicious, oh, so good, almost as good as the one you can buy in the Turkish stores over here in Germany. I got the recipe from Marzipan´s, who is not turkish. But knows a lot about desserts :)

I had planned making Baklava for a while, because I almost have a romantic relationship with this dessert. I´m not sure why, but somehow, Baklava makes me melt.
It´s still hot, and as I´m typing, I´m destroying my keyboard with crumbs of filo dough. I wish I could just hand a piece over to you, across the ocean, or just into the neighbour country, or to whereever you are.

So you are more for healthy eating?
 Well, we just harvested our sweet peas, and our gooseberries, and in the forest, we found loads of currants:

This is not turkish. I seriously have no idea what language this is, or what he is singing there, but he looks like quite a funny guy.
Why this song?
The first time I was in Istanbul was for an Aiesec congress. In case you don´t know, Aiesec is a student organisation. The turkish Aiesec people were awesome, they let us sleep in their homes and showed us their beautiful town and snuggeled little blond Eva. Aiesec people all over the world like to perform strange dances. The song above is, for some reason I can´t figure out, THE Aiesec song, and it´s been a long time since I last thought of it.

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