Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Harvest... sort of.

We waited a little long with harvesting our radish. Because we couldn´t bring it over us to pull them out of the dirt - hey, Ronja even sang to them! They were our babies!
So, now they grew tree-like stems of one meter height, and taste like wood.
Which doesn´t make them less worthy in my children´s eyes, who loved to pick them tonight:
And they sang to them, while picking them, too. Bella Ciao, with an estimate of 20 verses, while I was rolling with laughter in the clover. I took a video of it, but I´ll spare you - allthough it´s really sweet. Well, at least for me, since I´m their mom ;)

Can you see all that clover? Awesome, right? We hardly ever mow our lawn, well, in fact I don´t even think it counts as "lawn", maybe it´s more of an acre. So our garden is the ony one in the whole neighbourhood that is bursting with clover. And bees. Tim and I actually talked about whether we should consider beekeeping. We have a such a huge population of bees that even Ronja puts her shoes on when she goes out - and that means something! Miro even figured out to keep an onion at hand. Once a week he yells "Mom! I need an onion. I´ve got a bee in my foot!" And then I´ll give him his onion, and five minutes later, he´s out again.
Onions are awesome against beestitches. As is ribwort. Or lemon. Just in case you didn´t know.
And I love honey!
But if you´ve read this blog for a certain time, you know that Tim and I are always considering about a million of things, of which we then actually do... about one percentage. So don´t expect us to actually jump into beekeping ;) Probably the planning stage alone is fun enough.
By the way, I love the word "clover". I think it´s one of the most poetic sounding words of the English language. There´s a song called "Fields of Clover" by the band "Sometymes Why", but since it´s not on youtube, I can´t link you up. Still, that´s one very... poetic song, too.
So for today, I´ll just go with a Dave Days song:

Which I´ve been listening to all day long. Nice, smooth, millenium rock. Sounds like Blink or Sum 41. And the video is by Kurt Hugo Schneider, who is a genius, as always.


Creatrish said...

Thank you for your nice comment and in French as well! very good! Love the song, Never heard of them before so always please to discover new groups! Send it to my step daughter in UK she will love them for sure! Your back garden look great I LOVE clover! and radish WOW so big! xxxxx

Angela said...

Sweet clover, I had a lovely yard of it when I lived in North Carolina, here we have grass and red dirt. Oh well....less bees right? love the onion tip, didn't know that one. Meat tenderizer in the powder form helps them too. Nice song, as always dear. And the one from Monday, I played it while I read the last couple of your blogs and it was lovely, simply lovely! Thanks for sharing! Angela