Thursday, May 19, 2011

My school.

I love my school.

Well, okay, actually it is my children´s school, but... I learn there a lot, so I like to call it my school, as well.

See this little library?
That´s one of my projects. My friend and I sorted the books, labelled them and put up the shelves. I made posters, taught little girls how to be library helpers and control the shelves three times a week.

I love the open doors our school has, how they invite everyone in who´s interested to teach and help according to his or her skills.
I love how they let the children sit on the stairs and lie in the hallways to write in their exercisebooks, how they let them run downstairs to measure the circumference of the trees.
I love how they mix all ages and let the kids learn from each other and how my daughter spends a lot of time on teaching her fellow student how to read, because she´s pretty good at it. And in exchange, another, elder student will teach her some complicated math thing.
I love how we know everybody, and how it´s like a little village, and when I ride my bike through town, I get the impression that every child in town knows my name - and I know their names, too.

Today, we had a job day.
We had doctors:
 And we had the man from the bread mobile:
and a shop owner and a physical therapist and... ahem... someone from an insurance:
So with this, we finally have the whole family involved in this school :)

Next week, I´ll join Ronja´s class for their school trip, for half a week, and we had the planning session today, and boy, am I looking forward to this! I plan to make wallets from drink containers and spinners from marbles and purses from paper plates, and I´m taking my guitar, and we´ll read ghost stories and have a disco. I´m jumping with excitement! Being hugged around my waistline and getting portraits in feltpen belong to the best things in the world for me :)

May I share some music?
Even if it´s country, again?
Well - I´m not waiting for your answer - here we go:

Oh, Lady Antebellum! Last year, I got a little high on their Need you now song, and I think, a lot of people did. This one, it doesn´t make me as high as Need you now did, but it´s very sweet, too. The scene in the first verse, yes, that seems familiar!


NC Sue said...

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I’m a new follower of yours.

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Angela said...

Hello dear! What a sweet post! love your description of the community you are in, what a lovely place it sounds like~have a great weekend~Angela

Creatrish said...

That is a very cool school! I would love my kids to go in! I dont think that we will have that in France! xxx