Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lessons, Life, and Hair.

Yesterday morning, Eva´s 56 year old piano teacher came to get our Taylor Swift sheet music, so she could copy them for her stack. I figured she´s an intelligent, educated, open sprited woman I can learn a lot from, not only musically, and it was refreshing to find someone I could talk music with. We talked for almost two hours and hugged afterwards, and that was quite cool. 

That´s my new entryway-wreath. Original idea from family chic. Who can spot my knees?
It was my friend ´s 40th birthday yesterday. Anne and I went to see her, with cupcakes and mayflowers, and we sat on her porch until we felt frozen and chatted. My friend has a dad who is around 70, and he knows a lot about literature and classical music, and I can learn a lot from him, too. And because we seem to share a similar interest in books and music, there´s always a nice exchange when we meet. 
Kid-made chocolate. Icecubetray molds, and chocolate molds from Aldi.
My best friend´s daughter had a brain surgery yesterday. Apparently, she´s as fine as she can be under such circumstances, and as it´s not the first time, they all take it with a breathtaking calm and routine. Guess life makes you that calm, after a while. I wish I could offer more than have her younger daughter over here for the week, because... because I just wish. All outward calm and routine can´t take the horror that´s in a child´s brain surgery away, I suppose. 

Wanna know what´s that on the pic above? It´s a slide, for a marble. All my kids were at the weekly scout´s date yesterday. Yes, also the twins, just this once. Their task was to make a slide, in 30 minutes, with 3 sheets of paper and all they could find. No glue, no scissors. I thought that was a pretty cool idea, and I´m stealing it for the next time I have to entertain a group of children.

  My sons got a new haircut.
(and I played around with editing, motivated by Alicia´s stunning pictures)
Woo-hoo! I would have loved to let their hair grow, and grow, and grow, because I´m sort of obsessed with long hair, on any gender. And untrimmed grass, too, by the way. I like everything long and outgrown and shaggy. But Mehmet and Miro complained and wanted a short, boyish cut, so I guess it´s not my right to let my own fetish stand in the way of their fashion sense, besides, who am I to complain about short hair? Sometimes I´m pretty pathetic. And I have to admit that they look like very beautiful young men. Now, as I can see their faces again, without all that hair, I can see how both of them resemble me, and both of them resemble Tim, at the same time. Both inherited features from both of us, and I can´t decide who´s more gorgeous. My lucky future daughters in law - no one will be good enough :)

I like country music. I like Julia Sheer. And I like romance. So here we go :)

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