Saturday, February 26, 2011


I´m still here. Really, I am.
I just haven´t been blogging because I spent one week writing, writing, writing, and neglecting pretty much everything else, because I´m so glad I finally found my way back into this book, after I kicked my self out of it last fall. I´m just so relieved I haven´t lost it.
And then I also got sick with approximately all viruses I could possibly pick up at school. This usually happens when I work in school, at some point in winter. But it´s better now. I spent some nice days in bed with fiction and music, and now everything is fine.
I listened a lot to Biffy Clyro and almost came to the conclusion that they are the very best band ever, until I found the Austrian band Clara Luzia:

Ok, slightly different than Biffy. I love how she goes from very dark, to very light with this song. I´m listening to this for the about 200th time so far, no lie, it´s really getting pathological.
And now I´m going back into my book, to write about little girls carrying knives in their boots and mad doctors strangling girls in beach huts. Yeah!
I´ll be back, sometime, soon, when I figured how to leave my fictional universe. Not gonna happen too soon, I hope.

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alicia said...

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your honest thoughts. Truthfully I wish I could get my old template back. It was all just one big mistake. lol. I wanted to stretch the margins so that the yellow didn't show but can't seem to make html codes work right now. I'm glad you are doing something you are passionate about.