Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life 365 - Need some motivation?

There is something really satisfying about a finished project. About knowing you pulled through and holding a result in your hands. In a fraction, it compares to having a baby. A little, at least. So I did this project (taking a picture each day) in 2009, but I never got it printed. In order to motivate me for this year´s life 365, I finally ordered my 2009 book. It arrived last week, and as you can see, it´s allready dusty - both Eva and Ronja read all through it, enjoying to see the similarities and differences between the past and the presence, and I carried it with me in my purse, just to enjoy it myself. Here´s a peak at the inside:
and another one:
and another one:
And you know what? At the end of this year, you could get your book printed, too. Hold a whole year in your hands, and then, finally, putting it on the shelf with your other treasures:
They can be a little pricey, especially when it´s a project of this size, one with appr. 96 pages. But considering the work I put into it, I figured it was worth the money. With my photobooks, I´m a little like Gollum, I guess :)
My music for today is the amazing, awesome Amy Kuney. 
I think she is very underrated. I think her voice is totally sexy, and her harmonies are to die for. And she doesn´t only cover songs, but also writes her own songs, like this one.


Jennifer Juniper said...

I love the printed photo books like this! I also love that you wrote lots of details about each photo :)

alicia said...

You have totally inspired me. I must do this!!