Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I have to admit...

that from time to time...
...snow isn´t that bad.
Not that I´d ever love it...
But it sure has some decorative qualities.
 But I actually still have to do the grocery shopping, which I´m avoiding all day long because of that white stuff, so I guess this is a short post, just to make sure you know I´m still here. 
Oh, and last post, I forgot to add music! That´s unacceptable, why has nobody told me? So, here´s a song I really wonder why it took me until today to find it:
Ah, this makes me warm and happy inside! And speaking of decorative qualities - nope, the snow can´t compete with two nice shirtless male :)

See you tomorrow, I guess, I feel like I´m in the mood for blogging :)

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