Thursday, December 30, 2010

Coming Clean

Usually I´m not the kind of person to do things just because it´s the time for it. Cleaning the house just because it´s the time between Christmas and New Year? Or because it´s dirty? (That´s always the case. Always.). That´s not me. Making resolutions just because the calender said so? Not me. Usually, I chose to live my life by my own ticking, because there are allready far too many outside-forces for me to do things another way than I might otherwise chose myself. 
Nontheless, this year seems to be different. I spent my last two days covered in dust and gazillions of little clothes, and came from this...
to this:
I sorted four dressers, washed 6 loads of laundry (so far), cleaned most of the kid´s rooms and even dared stepping into the flaming hell of Ronjas room:
Yeah. Why do I even post such things?
However, this time, cleaning was like meditation. I carried my boombox across all rooms I encountered in my fight for decluttering, singing and pondering at the same time. While I wiped shelves, sorted books, and owls,
shoes and craft supplies, I figured I´d like to make some New Years resolutions this year. Not sure if I´m sticking to them, but who else is? 
I even kicked out the Christmas tree. And the navity set. Though I must admit, I had some help: 
Miro loved loved loved the vacuum-cleaner: 
Ok, our house does still look like our house. Two days of hardcore cleaning don´t do much. But I felt like I needed to begin somewhere. I mean, back then, when I was in university, we learned about one of Maria Montessori´s principles, the one about the outward order being a reflection of the inner one. Does this make sense to you? I´m still not sure if it makes sense to me, but I thought I´d give it a try. 
So. I´ll be back tomorrow, before we have our big party, with my resolutions. Or, at least some of them. Let´s say, the outer resolutions, not the inner ones :)
Music for today: 
I thought it suited the end of the year lovely. It sounds like twirling in a smokey pub. And I like how she´s rocking at the end. And now I´m going out into the snow to smoke my goodnight cigarette and have some pine needles magically crawling into my panties as I sit on the porch. 

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