Wednesday, November 3, 2010

News from the front

After that last busy week, this week is slow and calm. A perfect first November week. Both boys are down with a fever, but that´s allright, because they are quite cute sleeping most of the time, and I like to have them home with me. Ronja had her first science class, Eva is practising her first Bach pieces for her recitals in December, and I´m bursting with pride and admiration. After I´ve neglected my book for more than three complete weeks, I finally started writing again. We folded beautiful stars, and I wish I had pictures, but that dark Novemberlight just doesn´t allow me to take decent pictures, and I never use flash, because I don´t like it. And tomorrow I´ll read in the library, again, which always makes me feel full and satisfied and happy. So, for today, all you get is a song:

I must admit I don´t really get what the lyrics are about, but I like the atmosphere transmitted by them. I believe this is the only Coldplay song I like. I´m not into what I usually hear from them on the radio, but this one is really awesome, with the deep, dark piano notes in the beginning, and the country-like flair. I think I´ve listened to it for the last 6 hours without interruption, and it´s a nice background while writing.

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