Saturday, October 9, 2010


Less blogging, more
-Folding paperboats and fortune tellers
-Building swing sets and vegetable gardens
-Stirring mean smoothies and chinese food
-Enjoying hugs around my waist
-Debating our political system, (if there is such thing as a system)
-Flying away in a chalk painted spaceships
-Drawing on marshmallows
-Writing heartwrenching prose
-Mixing bath fizzies and homemade lipgloss
-Taking walks in the dark with sparklers
-Trying to change the world, starting with the smallest things
- And thinking about life.

I think I´ll still be blogging, from time to time, I just like it too much to quit it completely, but I´ll stay a little abstinent from now. If you want to contact me, you know, I´ll check my comments on a regular base. And my emails. And my twitter. So, I won´t completely dissapear. Just a little :)

In this sense:


Barb said...

I completely understand. Enjoy your life! We'll be here.

HanneeNz said...
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HanneeNz said...

Thanks for the comment! You're right, they are pretty expensive. I only treat myself when they are on specail (like now, yay!). I love the sound of your home made smoothies, YUM! I think this weekend I will have to do some experimenting of my own =)
Also, you make your own bath fizzies?! I would love to know more =)