Friday, August 6, 2010

French patisserie and my new favourite song.

So Ronja and I went to France and were impressed by l´art de vivre. Among many other things, we loved those pretty, sugar dripping cakes in rainbow colors, so we thought we should make some ourselves. For those of you who don´t live in Germany: It´s pretty hard to find decent cake decoration items here. Fondant is practically unknown, and there is no such thing like ready made frosting or icing or even decent foodcoloring (apart from the three primary colors) to buy in stores. I found a recipe for homemade marshmallow fondant on the decorated cookie, but when I tried it, it ended in a huge mess. So I was pretty delighted when Tim brought me a small pack of multicolored regal icing from London. (Where I couldn´t go, remember?) And then, last week, I found these... well...cake cutters? No, I don´t mean Ronja and Miro, I´m talking about those weired blue plastic things. I got them at Ikea, a whole bunch of them for six Euros, and apparently you use them to shape ready baked cake. Well, maybe most of you advanced baking ladies out there know about them, but I was quite fascinated. I made some cake and let my kids work: Yeah, I know, Evas hair is not exactly done in what you´d call professional baker style... but it´s just for us. The I just set the table with buttercream, jam, nougat, white melted chocolate, food colorings, my new british icing, sprinkles, well, pretty much everything we could find in our kitchen, and let the explosion begin. That´s Eva, doing a painting in buttercream. I´m really sorry I didn´t take a picture of the whole mess. I should have. But I did take a picture of Evas finished cake: So, Majka, this was for you. I can do a post about cookies, see?
On a different note, my favourite song for today, and yesterday, and I guess the whole next week is this: I love the piano intro, which actually isn´t too hard to play. I love the string quartett in the back, I almost always love string quartetts. But what stunns me the most are the lyrics, because I listend to them over and over, and I still don´t get them. I mean, thinking about home and the concept of it is one of my secret obsessions. I mean, apart from identity, is there any other term that is so complex, so hard to define? And isn´t identity and home pretty much the same? But I can´t make any sense of the words she sings. I don´t even get the general message she wants to deliver. Nothing. I understand any single word, but I can´t put them together. What´s her attitude towards her hometown? Positive? Negative? Ambivalent? Any help out there?

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Dana said...

I'll e-mail you my recipe for homemade marshmallow fondant. I just recently started making cakes and have been making many badges of it and it worked out great (and tasted awesome!). Once I actually get to update my blog you can see some of the cakes I made with it.