Monday, June 28, 2010


Tana French.

Man, this woman is one awesome writer. She only just put her third book out, and I wish she´d write a little faster. Her storylines sometimes occur me a little too fictional, too unrealistic, but her characters and the atmosphere she creates just blow me away. She´s absolutely brilliant at creating vivid mental images, I feel like I know all those things, like she writes them about myself, and she must either now what she´s writing about, or she has a damn unbelievably good imagination. No matter how unrealistic she might start, she always tears me up in the end. While reading the final showdown, I enjoyed listening to this life-version of one of my two favourite Battlestudies songs:
Apart from that, my Eva is gone for five days, she´s on a school trip with her class, to the sea, and I I know I´ll be missing her before those five days are over. Tonight we´ll have friends over for a games night, and the boys will have their first peek at kindergarten tomorrow.

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