Friday, April 2, 2010

And the next spring craft: The grass is green

This is not my idea. The idea comes from Capture the details, and I love her grass color even more - I only couldn´t get it here, so a darker, older green had to suffice. But this is such a quick and fun project!All you need is some wool, green an plushy-fluffy, take the most grass-resembling one you can find, and a styrofoam core, and some felt/fabric scraps to embellish the whole thing. You wrap your wool around the wreath, and wrap, and wrap, all the way round. I used two balls of wool, and still had a tiny bit I couldn´t cover because I ran out of wool. I covered that area with the pink fabric scraps, leftovers from a shirt I once made for Ronja. Then you cut your flowers from felt, attach them with a pin, cut the yellow dots from felt and attach them with a hotglue gun, to cover the pins. Then you´re done. Cool, eh?
And I still have more :-) Check out my glamour eggs from this morning, so you don´t miss them. To keep with the fairytale music, the next song is this one: Ah... Sara Bareilles is so cool. And this song has awesome lyrics. I love fairytales, I wrote my exampaper in german literature about them, once upon a long, long time ago, and have a knack for playing with them ever since. So I just adored this song.

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