Friday, January 8, 2010

Thanks, sweet Blanka :-)

This morning Blanka aka Blanulak surprised me with this:
Normally I´m not too fond of awards, but this one looks quite cool (no glitter, no teddybears, nice strong women logo), and I really like Blanka. (She was the one who used my templates in such a stunning way, remember?) Now she wants me to tell 10 things about myself, and to pass it on to 10 other people.
So, the people first: (Note: Not all pages are scrap related.)
Dana That´s because I think she´s a very nice person I´d like to meet in real life, too. We met more than two years ago on scrapbookflair, and since she found me again, I love to follow her blog.
Creative Jewish Mom She has so many easy, ecological and beautiful craft projects on her blog, she´s definetly worth a visit!
Heather - Happiness is... I simply like to follow her life through her pictures. A much better photographer than I am, with an eye for the details.
Crissie Someone who made it through Life 365! Yeah! Congrats!
Barb Someone who didn´t make it through the whole project (I think?), but still posted very beautiful pages and sounds like quite a nice person
Cucito Morito One of my crafting heros. And through her blog I once got introduced to nice music, too.
Shandy Speaking of great photographers... she´s one. I´m following her blog now for more than three years, I think, and I love that she´s having twin girls. I always like people with twins :-)
Artistic Musings Ok, she surely doesn´t need an award from me. She´s much too cool. I admire her design skills and her photos, and she´s got a good taste in books, too. And she also was one of my very first scrapping heroes.
MckMama As this award is called "Honest Scrap", she came to my mind. She isn´t exactly a scrapper, but she sounds honest as hell. Always makes me wonder... well, but she´s fascinating to read, a good writer, for sure.

So, that´s nine. Not ten. Right. But really, I can´t think of any more. I don´t visit that many blogs regularly, especially not scrap related. I could hand it over to Blanka again :-)
Now onto the ten things about me, which is even harder. I mean, what shall I tell you that a) you don´t know allready (not like my passion for John Mayer and Twilight) and b) is still somewhat interesting (not that I love my family, I think you know that, allready, too) and c) doesn´t make me appear the total freak I am (That one´s hard...)? So here´s my list:
1: I don´t own a mobile, nor do I want one, but I love twitter.
2: I can´t bake. I love to decorate cakes, but no one can eat it afterwards. Well, Tim likes to bake.
3: When I don´t have a book, I feel like a drug addict without drugs. I simply need to read.
4: I´m very, very untidy. Better call me before you come and visit our house, because I always have to clean up the biggest mess to make our house... well accessable. But then, you´re always welcome :-)
5: I love my bath tub and lavender.
6: I don´t drink any alcohol, never. But I did start to smoke last summer. Gauloises. The Blue ones. And I like it.
7: I´m secretly in love with the book characters I thought up.
8: I don´t have a driver´s license. I´m a natural born walker, love to think while I´m covering distances, or talk with my daughters. We have the best conversations when we´re walking.
9: I´ve got four tattoos (yet), and one actually is a twilight tattoo.

So, that´s nine things, too. Number 10 is that I have a secret passion for childish, gloomy gothic music, such as this: I only like them in winter, and I remember last July I wondered how I could ever fall for them. But now I´m listening to them again. And I love them.


TerriK said...

Oh, Helen, you are something else!!

Dana said...

I just HAVE to comment on this one and it's not going to short. Be warned! First: I feel so honored to have been named first in the list of people you think deserve this award. I would like to thank... LOL. You are too sweet and I would LOVE to meet you too one day. I bet our kids would have the best of times together and so would we, of course. I am very happy you enjoy reading the blog of my rather boring life, hahaha.
Second: your list of nine things about yourself was sooo interesting to read. We are so similar, yet so different. Up until now I felt like I was the only person in the world without a cell phone (well "mobile", as it's called in Oxford English). Baking is not my strong point either, though it usually turns out okay. I LOVE to decorate cakes and have done so, since Emma's first birthday. I don't take the time to read nor do I have much patience. You did, however, inspire me about "Twilight". I saw the movie first and was a bit disappointed. I decided to read the book and wasn't very convinced either. Just finished reading "New Moon" and now I am just as hooked! Started on "Eclipse" right away! I think I may have rediscovered my former love for reading, thanks to you!
I am a neat freak and have to have my apartment constantly clean and tidy. Number 5: <3 :)
I DON'T DRINK EITHER!!! But I also don't smoke. I used to, but now despise it. I could never write a book, just don't have that kind of imagination. I admire you for doing so and can't wait to read it one day *hint*hint*. I couldn't live without my driver's license. I am soooo Americanized when it comes to driving just about EVERYWHERE. In my defense, nothing is really close enough to walk to... I only have two tattoos, but definitely want at least one more in honor of my children. Would LOVE to see a picture of your "Twilight" tattoo.
Okay, that's all. Told you it wasn't going to be a short one!
I am going to miss your "Life 365" pages! It was a joy following them and I thought you did a fantastic job! I so love your scrapbooking style, so clean and tidey ;)

Crissie said...

Wow, I am honored to be mentioned in your blog. I have loved visiting here and "getting to know you" through your posts. Funny how much smaller the world gets when I realize how many people are just like me...lovers of family and music and tellers of their story.

I have to tell you that I've taken at least one photo every day so far this year, but haven't blogged about it and am not sure yet if I want to start. The fear of failing at it the 2nd time through makes me really cautious about it. I tell my kids that I'm just taking a picture a day. For some reason, saying it that way doesn't feel too heavy. I am 9 months behind on the scrapbook part of Project 365 for 2009 (but if you only go by intentions, I'm totally caught up! LOL) so my first goal for 2010 is to get all my P365 photos into scrap pages and then get them printed out.
You were truly an inspiration to me to keep going. I've got all the templates you shared with us stored on my computer, and they are just waiting for me to get busy.

I wish you the happiest of new years :o)