Friday, January 1, 2010

New year resolutions?

I don´t have any. That´s not because I don´t like the idea of them, but I really tried hard to think about something I could improve in my life, and I didn´t find anything. All is perfect. Last year around this time, I wished for the New Year we would find a house, I would get slimmer, I would pick up my guitar again and start to write a book. I did all of these. We found a beautiful house we now live in, I weigh 20 pounds less, I started singing and playing the guitar again with great pleasure and even introduced my eldest daughter to the joy of music, and the book I wrote is now on pg 340 and close to be finished. I even stuck to my project 365, and got a new tattoo, and life just couldn´t get any better. We all stayed relativly healthy, we have lots of great friends who make our life richer, and I love my family. So, what could I wish for? Everything seems greedy.
I could take my books back to library on due date. And I plan on seing at least some of my favourite artists life once. I could plan to improve my fingerpicking, and to introduce Ronja to an instrument, too. But then, all these seem minor issues compared to last years bliss. I think I resolve to let life go on like this, and to treasure it like it is. I´m thankfull :-)

Hugs to all of you, I wish for you that your resolutions and dreams for this year may come true! Cheers!

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Dana said...

A very happy and healthy new year to you and your family as well! My life isn't THAT perfect (nor do I want it to be "perfect"), but that pretty much describes my approach to making new year's resolutions, LOL. Good luck to you and your family for 2010! Hugs from the US!