Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wishing you all a wonderful, peaceful and happy christmas!

Ok, it´s been a while since I posted, but you know how these weeks before christmas are - very, very crushed. We had Evas violin concert, Miro falling down the stairs and loosing a tooth, tons of presents to be wrapped, lots of cleaning the house, trying to handmake gifts, trying to think up lots of elaborated meals, school christmas parties and christmas parties with friends and with relatives, tons of snow, me throwing down the hole trimmed christmas tree in an attempt to take a nice picture of my kids in front of it, and in all this you are supposed to feel peaceful - oh my.

Now I´m at my inLaws, which is great, as they entertain the kids all day long and my husband and I are relatively carefree. I think I forgot my camera at my grandmas house, so I can´t show you any pics, and as I´m not typing from home, I can´t give you the template I promised - but it´ll come.

Evas 8th birthday is the day after tomorrow, so it´s a short break before the party goes on - with 16 guests at our house. Oh, and then there´s New years Eve to come, and on 2nd January we throw a party for our friends from university - I remember when I agreed to this, I actually imagined it to be fun. Must have been mad, then. Oh, and I invited all my colleagues from the library reading circle to our home, I believe it is January 5th - must check. There is simply too much to celebrate :-)

What did you get for christmas? My husband gave me the funhouse record from Pink, and, he´s so super cute, a "Team Jacob" bottle for my tea. A husband who knows his wife´s most secret desires :-))). And my grandma went clothes shopping for me. She´s the coolest 83 year old in the world.
Music for today: Pink :-) I´m trying to convince my husband to come with me to PinkPop festival in the Netherlands. Not only Pink is there, but also my very favourite, super beloved John Mayer, and there was a time, when my husband and I used to visit a festival at least one time a year - before our children were born. It´s in May, and it would be so, so cool!

So, I´m taking a deep breath now before we get the party started another time :-) Hope to post again soon, hugs to all of you lovely girls wherever you are in the world,

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