Saturday, December 5, 2009

Nikolaus :-)

Tomorrow, 6th of december, is Nikolaus here in Germany, that´s the day of St. Niclas. It´s a tradition to place your shoes outside (or in front of a door, in our case), and wait for St. Niclas to put something in them - if you were nice! Apparently he´s allready been at our house, even though Miro put Daddys mobile into the loo just tonight and Mehmet was just his usual self today when we went to Ikea (means throwing himself on the ground, screaming, punching his brother... you get it.) But hey, they are so sweet when they sing "Nikolaus komm in unser Haus" and they were so excited tonight. For my twins, it´s the first time in their life I can really explain to them what it´s all about, and yet they are young enough to still believe - I sure can´t cheat on my rational, grown up girls :-) They are on a scouts camp, by the way, their first scouts camp, and will be back tomorrow afternoon, that´s why you don´t see their shoes.

As christmas is approaching in huge steps, I´m leaving you with this sweet, sweet christmas song:
I can play this on the guitar and sing - I´d only need someone to sing along with me, cause my husband hates singing... but hey, apart from that he´s the greatest guy I ever found, so I don´t mind singing the male parts in this song to myself :-)


Dana said...

So funny! I literally just got done filling my kids' shoes and took pictures to post on my blog. Since last year Nikolaus is coming here to Greensboro, USA ;)
Habt einen schoenen Nikolaustag und zweiten Advent!

Heather said...

It is so cool to hear about your traditions! Great job! My son is teaching me guitar, maybe someday I'll be able to play that song too. Happy Holidays from teeny ND in the US. :)