Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sigh... *wipes tear away*

So now it´s another year, or at least another 8 months. That was sweet today, really. I won´t tell you too much, because you should watch the movie for yourselves, but I think it was a lot better than twilight. I liked most of the changes, but of course no movie can compare to the books. It´s simply impossible, even for a really good director, to create the kind of emotional tension the book lives from in a two hour movie. In the books, I always was Team Jacob, very strongly so, but in the movies I´m always surprised by how cool Rob Pattinson is. I mean, I don´t even like how he looks, and he´s about my little brother´s age, for crying out loud, but he can act, man. I feel like a teenager, but I´m going to see his next movie, for sure.
In case you didn´t know about this movie, just look at this. It also saves me from posting another John Mayer video, even if it probably doesn´t count as "music of the day"
So with this for ever anticipated glorious movie for female freaks, project 365 only is a minor issue, right? Non the less, here´s my page for last week:

When I placed the photos, I wanted them to represent how the week "feels" for me: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday is a steady downfall, stagnation on Thursday, Friday I´m in Love, and huge pics for Saturday and Sunday. I didn´t make a template from it so far, as I wasn´t sure if any of you would like it. But it wouldn´t be much work, so if you´d appreciate it, just mention in the comments :-)
And I can´t go without some music, I just can´t, so I´m leaving you with this one:

The lyrics are adapted from Kahil Gibran, and a dear friend recommended them for our twins baby-welcome party - back then we didn´t want them, because we thought they sounded too corny. I don´t think that, anymore. I grew since then.


heather said...

Yes...I really liked this song and it got me thinking that I should show a little love for him on my blog as well. He did come to MN earlier this year, but I just couldn't get things to work out. Next time...:) Great blog!!!

Paula said...

Ooh I quite like that template. Reminds me of the song! Have you heard fireflies? Loving it. There's a link on my blog :)