Sunday, November 29, 2009

The party´s over - time for christmas preparations!

So, we did it - we celebrated Ronjas birthday with all her friends and are now officially through with the first children´s party of the season. It was not as bad as I had expected, and by now we cleaned up most of the mess and the kids are on their way to bed. Ronja wanted sort of a halloween party, so we had worms
and bat-cupcakes
and blood, of course:
I forgot to take a picture of the toilet paper mess, we played a mummy-dressing game with ten rolls of toilet paper, and afterwards the kids had... uhm... sort of an event with the torn toilet paper. But hey, that was cool. We darkened the room and played Michael Jackson in the background, and I had fun like a child. Here´s a cute little mummy: (BEFORE the mess :-) )
But now this is behind me, it´s time for christmas preparations, and I scrapped two layouts for christmas cards: Background is Ellie Lash´s Jacob paper, all elements are from some kit called "Cinzias Friday freebie", must be two or three years old but still cool
and this one, slightly more conservative:
That beautiful glittertree on the left is from Color you life, and the background paper is from the argentics add on from karine. I´m not sure which one I like better, I guess I print both of them, and I might try a third one, more classical looking, too. All kids are in bed, after all :-)
Music: Isn´t she cool? Come on ladies, clap your hands:

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Dana said...

The picture on the Christmas cards is beautiful! Your twins are so cute with their thumps in their mouths! I do like the first one best. It just seems to represent your family better.
I have been following your blog for a while now and am always very excited to read your updates. Your family is super cute and I love the closeness you all share and the patience you have reading to them and doing all these wonderful arts and crafts with and for your kids!
(P.S.: We met on scrapbookflair a while back. My screen name there is MomOfTwo)
You are a wonderful mom and a great inspiration!