Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I´m still alive...

just wanted to let you know I´m still there, I have been busy scrappin for Ronjas book: That´s the page I loved the most, I used Sunshineartz free masks on the one photo, and I love how I captured her character in the journaling. Then I was working on her hogwartscastle, and I´m spending hours each evening on practising the guitar, actually, I experienced for the first time in my life that my fingertips hurt all day long. And I´m writing and reading, the girls are enjoying Narnia at bedtime and Inkheart at mealtime at the moment, and I discovered this relatively new author, Tana French She writes in a nice style, not overly violent and with brilliant dialogues and touching characters, and I´m looking forward to her third novel.
And I was thrilled to see that John Mayers new album leaked and he actually twittered we may have it, if we later purchase a copy. As I pre-ordered my copy weeks ago, I don´t feel bad about sharing this jewel with you: I personnally think the best part of the song starts at about 2:06, when the "woohoohoo" stops, but then it´s brilliant.
So, girls, the project is momentarily on ice here, but I´ll be back - I mean, how can a project that needs care on a daily base ever be on ice? ;-)

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Tabea aka SunshineArtz said...

What a wonderful use of the photomask. I love the simplicity of your layout and how you concentrate on the journaling. Thank you so much for using my mask for creating such a beautiful layout!