Thursday, November 19, 2009

Didn´t scrap a thing...

I know I should, I know I won´t be finishing Ronjas photobook in time for her birthday this year, not to speak of Evas, and I´m one week behind with my 365 project, too. At least someone else is scrapping, that´s Blanka aka Blanulak. She did some stunning layouts with my templates (never thought they could look so good), and I love how she keeps her project going. Her pages are so bright and colorfull and shine of life.

Apart from that, I spent my days writing, sewing, playing with my kids and, in almost all my waking hours, listening to Battle Studies, the new John Mayer album. I had to get used to it, because it was very different to what I had expected, but now I´m loving every single song on it. I think my very, very, very favourite one is this one: Those short lyrics contain more depth and emotion than I´m able to create writing 200 pages.

And I promise I won´t post another John Mayer song in, let´s say, the next 5 posts, because I know I´m pestering you :-)

(Oh, but I have to mention that he also wasn´t on the sexiest men list Ikeagodess posted, so what a list was that?)

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