Sunday, October 18, 2009

Look what I´ve got :-)))

Remember me complaining about the late start of New Moon in german cinemas? Well, obviously I wasn´t the only one moaning, so someone mercifull decided to release New Moon on 26th of November in Germany, too, instead of making us wait until January :-). And there´ll even be a preview on 22nd, sale started today, so I took my ellbows and fought for some tickets. Here they are!

Thanks for your kind answers on how your project 365 is going on. That was quite intresting, and I´m glad that some of you are still there. I know it´s challenging, not only to take a pic each day, but also to remember where to place it and why it was so important afterwards. I really try not to wait longer than one or at max. 2 weeks to scrap them, so I can still remember what to write about them - I´m all for excessive journaling :-) However, this book took a lot of the time I´d have otherwise spent on my children´s photobooks, this is an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time, because while I scrapped less about my children, it helped me put the focus back on myself and my own intrests - not sure what´s better. I still don´t know where to print mine, but I will print it, that´s for sure. So I´m open to suggestions. And here´s my last week:

I also worked a little on Evas photobook:
I used Gwenipooh´s circus freebie, and Ellie Lash´s Edward frame.
Music for today: Sweet Lily Allen, I love her accent, and the nasty, thoughtfull lyrics. My favourite line is that about being a "weapon of massive consumption". Love that expression!

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Jody said...

What template did you use for Week 41? I am so trying to keep up too, but it is hard. It will be worth it in the end though.