Thursday, September 17, 2009

It feels so good to be connected

Due to street constructions in our area I got cut off the internet - for almost four weeks! I mean, I sort of live online. I need my daily visits to Ikeagodess, and my blog, and I´m used to doing most of my shopping online as I hate going to booksstores or to h&m with my twins running there wild. I communicate with my friends, I search for sewing instructions, I do everything online. But, most of all, I missed listening to music, which I do almost all day long. I have my favourite musicians on CD or on harddrive, of course, but I really enjoy the mind-broadening variety of music youtube offers. It makes me discover something new almost everyday.
So, without being online, I got stuck with Alison Krauss, which is not so bad after all. If I had to listen to only one artist for the rest of my life, I´d certainly choose her.
I know I owe you a coupple of 365 pages, and templates, but for today, I´ll leave you with one of the most beautifull songs I know:

It´s so very beautiful to listen to this voice while sitting in my garden, all kids asleep, looking at the starry sky and feel great being part of the universe. Ahhh!
Majka: This is Bluegrass, well, sort of. Not traditional, though, but with enough pop influence for me to be happy. I´ll show you more, if you want to.

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Majka said...

I get goosbumps listening to the song. I don´t know wether it´s the weather or the song...
Sounds nice.