Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sigh... and week 28

Sigh one: ...only one week until we´ll move. We won´t move far, just to another part of town were all of our friends live, and I´m really looking forward to live there, but I´m not looking forward to all the work ahead. I haven´t pestered this blog with our house troubles to keep it as the last place where I´m undisturbed from paint, dust and boxes, but as we´ll try to move on Saturday, I´ve got to tell you, because I won´t be here for a while. I hope we´ll have internet really quick again, ´cause I´m a sucker :-)

Sigh two: We just took our girls to the airport - they are flying to London right now, to visit my husbands brother and his family. I so wish I could have borded the plane with them. They were excited and happy, and I hope they´ll have a great time. Here´s a pic:

And sigh three: We had computer issues last week, twice, and I´ve spent lot´s of time retrieving data, doing backups and reinstalling the most important things. After all, I managed to do this weeks page, it´s no killerpage, but according the circumstances, it´s ok. Sigh.

And to sigh of joy and not of sorrow, I´ll finish this post with a beautiful, beautiful John Mayer song. He looks so, so good in this video. I wish I had more time to sit and marvel :-)

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