Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I´m back again!

We did it, we moved!

I was so anxoius we wouldn´t make it, especially because my husband was ill the night before we planned to move, and there was so incredible much work to do to move our household with stuff for 6 people, and I had the impression that there was only me alone to do all the work.

But then the social network kicked in, and suddenly I realized how many freinds we have, and finally there were 11 people alltogether to help us, so, thank you! Without you, I wouldn´t have managed!

Of course I didn´t neglect my project 365, so here is my page from last week, the week we moved:

I´m a bit late with this week, as I still had to paint both bathrooms, build incredible amounts of ikea furniture, fix the internet and clean, clean, clean, so that´s excusable ;-) I´m also going to post pictures of our new home the next days, so you´ll get more than a glimpse.

Oh, and speaking of getting a glimpse, just when I entered my youtube account I found a link to this one: (WARNING: NEW MOON SPOILER!)

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