Sunday, June 7, 2009

You know what I really love about Project 365?

I love that it´s another way of finding a positive perspective on things. You know, I´m really pissed because of some issues with our new house, and my boys don´t want to got to bed and I´m tired, and then I sit down and scrap this page, and what do I see:

I see pictures of newborn babies, parties in the city, my smiling, sexy husband, happy children and tangerine cakes. And I realize that my life is not so bad after all, but really worth all the trouble.

Might be that my mood´s a bit influenced by my favourite song of this week. Jason Mraz is a relative new discovery for me, but I´m already in love with him. he´s king of lyrics for me. Enjoy :-)

And credits for the layout go, of course, to Moriginals for the template and to brandy from DSA for her 365 kit, there were a lot of really cool 365 related kits on DSA a few weeks ago.

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