Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pics from the wedding, week 26, how to install fonts and greetings to someone from Indiana :-)

Ok, we´re back from the wedding. It was absolutely marvelous, actually much better than I had expected. Tim and I were really enjoying ourselves, we were dancing like we were 16 and that´s how I feel! So, here´s a pic of my girls, dressed up:

And then there´s another one with me and Eva, and I´m wearing the dress I made myself, it turned out much better than I hoped.

But there´s THE PROJECT, and I´m still on it, and I hope so are you. Here´s my layout for last week:

I used the Moriginals template from last week (as it was finally sunny enough), White Paper from Ellie Lash´s Jacob Kit and fasteners and petals from Cherry Kiss, and I know a sun on a black sky looks sort of ridiculus, but well, I really wanted my pages to look neat and orderly, and I decided to take a black background for every week, so I´ll stick to it, even if it looks, well... strange :-)

Last week Stathis Five asked me how I use fonts. I guess there are people on the net who know much better to explain this, but as I´ve been asked:

When you´ve got your fonts and unzipped them, you have a small file ending on .tff or otf. You open the control panel on your computer, that´s the same place you go to when you want to change the background pic of your desktop or the the security stuff. There, you´ll find a folder called "fonts", containing all the fonts your computer knows already, like Arial and Times. You just put the font file into that folder, and you´re done. It´s as easy as that. From now on all your software using textfiles will know the new font, too. When you write a text in your favourite scrapsoftware, you can chose the new front from your font list. Hope that helped :-)

Ok, and before, I´m finished for today, there´s still one thing: I recognized there´s someone from Indiana coming to my blog quite regularly, because I´ve got that little gadget on the left. And whenever I read Indiana, think about a song I really was in love with this spring. The artist comes from Indiana, and one of his records is called Indiana, too, and because I really listended to this song over and over again "Indiana" always brings a smile to my face. Here´s the song, hugs to Indiana:

Yeah, this will be on my personal soundtrack for 2009, too!

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Meridith said...

I like the black and white, very nice. The dress you made is great!