Friday, June 19, 2009

Mehmets new hair...

I finally did it and took my son to the hairdresser. You must know I really love long hair for boys, and neither my husband nor my other son have enough hair to let it grow. But Mehmet had, and I never let it cut since his birth, that´s why he looked like this:

I loved his hair, I loved to cuddle it,and I loved that you could even make a ponytail with it:
However, everyone thought he was a girl, no one even asked. And then he started chewing on it, and because he eats like every two year old, it became quite... disgusting. So I took him to the hairdresser and said that I want something really cool for him, with gel, or maybe some kind of surferhaircut, and this is what she came up with:

Ugh. I´m really shocked, it´s a totally different child now. Sigh. Well, his hair grows fast...

Something else: My youtube journeys brought me to this song from Rachel Yamagata last week. It´s got nothing to do with New moon, only the girl who put it on thought it would suit the book well, it´s sort of her personal new moon soundtrack. I liked the song very much, so I wanted to share:

Enjoy :-)

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