Sunday, January 25, 2009

A new Layout, and did you know that song?

Hi everybody,
Yesterday I finished a layout I really do like and I´m quite proud of:

I made the costume myself, after Eva decided to dress a Hermione at carneval. You know, after we finished reading the first three books of Harry Potter, Eva and Ronja love playing Harry Potter, and I have to play McGonnagal or Mrs Weasley, or, when I was a bad momma, Severus Snape *lol* We´re drinking self made, alcohol free butterbeer and hearing speels all day long, but I enjoy as much as she does.

Something else: I found this song by John Mayer on youtube, and I love keeping it on my mind with all these thousands of pics I take throughout the year...

Isn´t he absolutely great? Yeah, he is :-)

I´m off to a fleamarket now, see you soon,


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Maria said...

what a wonderful blog you have and i sure have a lot to download. And yes YES john mayor is such a great singer. I have everyone of his songs. And going to listen to them this morning.